Breast Augmentation

Are you thinking of having breast augmentation in Allentown? Johnny Chung, MD and Robert Kevitch, MD are Board Certified plastic surgeons in the Lehigh Valley who specialize in Allentown breast enlargement. Voted Lehigh Valley's 2009, 2010, and 2011 "BEST COSMETIC SURGEONS" and "BEST SURGEON", you can trust the experience and integrity of our doctors. 

What is Breast Implant Surgery?

Allentown breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic procedures performed. Women choose breast enlargement for various reasons, but it should not be taken lightly. Breast augmentation is a challenging procedure to perform particularly when attempting to create natural looking breasts.

What IMPLANTS are available to me?

Currently both SALINE and SILICONE implants are available and approved by the FDA for primary augmentation. Aesthetic Surgery Associates are certified to use all currently FDA approved devices from Mentor, Allergan, and Sientra. Dr. Chung has experience with both saline and silicone round implants as well as the newest Form Stable Implants, the "gummy bear". He is certified to use both Mentor's CPG, Sientra, and Allergan's 410 implants. The incision can be placed either around the areola, in the breast fold, or in the armpit. Depending on how much native breast tissue you have, the implant can be placed either above or below your pectoralis (chest) muscle. Dr. Chung specializes in the endoscopic transaxillary technique which leaves "no scars" on the breast. 

Where are the Incisions?

Allentown breast augmentation requires surgical placement of breast implants to enhance breast size.  The most common incisions include an inframammary incision (near the crease under the breast), an axillary incision in the underarm area, or a periareolar incision placed at the edge of the areola.  Incision patterns vary based on the type of implant, degree of enlargement desired, patient anatomy, and patient and surgeon preference.

Through the incisions a pocket is created either directly behind the breast tissue or beneath the pectoralis muscle.  The implant is positioned within the pocket and incisions are closed with a layered, non-removable suture in the breast tissue and with sutures, skin adhesive or surgical tape to close the skin.  Implant placement, type and size will be determined based on the patient’s breast anatomy, body type, and desired increase in size, as well as our surgical judgment.

The results of breast augmentation are immediately visible.  Over time post-surgical swelling resolves and incision lines will refine.  Satisfaction with your enhanced body image should continue to grow as you experience the fulfillment of your goal for fuller breasts.

Are implants Safe?

Breast implants have not been shown to impair breast health.  Careful review of scientific research by independent groups has found no proven link between breast implants and autoimmune or other systemic diseases in women.  Implants can, however, create subtle or more noticeable changes in the look and feel of the breasts.  Capsular contracture, a condition that causes the natural forming scar tissue around the breast implant to contract, occurs in a variable percentage of patients and can make the breasts feel firmer than normal.

The decision to undergo breast augmentation should be a personal one. As with any cosmetic procedure, breast augmentation will not resolve any of life's major problems, but may help to boost a patient's own body image and self-esteem. All the potential benefits will be discussed with our doctor at the time of your consultation.

Our doctors are currently enrolled in both Mentor's and Allergan's voluntary post-approval study. For further information on silicone breast implants, please contact our office for a consultation.  

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