How Coolsculpting Works

How does Coolsculpting work? Coolsculpting is a FDA-cleared, patented procedure that eliminates stubborn fat cells by freezing them. Only fat cells are frozen. There is no cutting, lasers, needles or scars. 

Each Coolsculpting treatment is called a cycle. The number of cycles each patient needs varies depending on the desired area of treatment and the amount of fat in that area. Each cycle takes approximately
 one hour. 

For example, if a typical abdomen is four cycles, this would take four hours with one
machine. Treatment time is decreased in half to two hours at
Kevitch & Chung by utilizing two 
coolsculpting machines.

Please contact us if you are interested in Coolsculpting. 

Kevitch & Chung

Am I a good candidate for Coolsculpting?

How long is each treatment?

When will I see results?

What are the risks with Coolsculpting?

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